truTV Awareness month

truTV has aired the opening rounds of March Madness since 2011, yet every year, sports fans think they’re being so original when they troll us: “It’s that time of year again… Does anyone watch truTV the rest of the year? Ha ha, very funny.


In 2015, after taking the high road, truTV decided to clap back on social. With a mix of self-awareness and sarcasm, we flipped the script, posting thousands of snarky-but-smart responses along with clever creative that raised brand awareness, entertained existing fans and even won over some haters.


The clapback continued in 2016, and in 2017, truTV challenged trolls to raise their game with funnier comedic insults – or we would do it for them. And it worked! After four years, truTV’s brand awareness has grown, and the volume of negativity has substantially diminished.


So this year we went even bigger for this year’s PSA-style launch– “truTV Awareness Month” -- expanding from social responses to a 360 multi platform campaign that included linear spots, extensive free offerings on our apps, custom VOD messaging, hundreds of clever videos featuring our talent directly addressing basketball fans, a targeted trade push, and a strategic paid media plan.


And truTV Awareness Month paid off!

  • 72 million total social impressions.

  • 34 million total video views.

  • 42% year-over-year growth for digital & social video views.

  • On-air conversion for new viewers during the week MM games: 19% (compared to 6.3% in 2017; NPower)

  • First Four games delivered the target demo’s (18-34) highest delivery in truTV history.