Out of Home

Bravo made use of out-of-home billboard ads to tease viewers and encourage them to find out more online. Ads “written” by spurned husband Ezra directed viewers online to participate in his search for Maddie, creating an interactive stunt that spanned Craigslist, social media and blogs to draw viewers into the show.


Digital and Social campaigns

To drive tune-in, Bravo brought the con to life through website takeovers and branded custom content that was a perfect fit for engaging viewers. Ads took over media sites including CNN, Buzzfeed, People Magazine, The New York Times and New York Magazine to catch the eye of Bravo’s target audience.


Bravo partnered with Buzzfeed for “Imposters”-themed content. In one story, a writer spent a week trying out an alter-ego, just like Maddie on the show.

Buzzfeed also produced a hilarious “Imposters”-themed video, in which married couples took lie detector tests to see how well they really knew one another.


Buzzfeed Video Quiz

Buzzfeed also helped produce an interactive, first-to-market co-branded 360-degree video quiz for mobile devices, in which participants could test their relationships to determine whether their partner – or they – were actually an imposter. Questions included tests of how well partners knew each other and how much they trusted each other, and combined swiping answers, video clips and interactive moments to get to the heart of their relationships.