Check your weather. Unlock clean water. In collaboration with The Weather Channel Forecast: Change campaign to raise awareness about the issue of global clean water scarcity, IBM pledged to contribute a total market value of $1 million to The Nature Conservancy and charity: water to help provide and protect clean water for those in need.



Every time you check your forecast on the app, mobile web or, you unlock clean water for those who need it most.  Beginning the initiative in June 2019 (and lasting into 2020), The Weather Channel changed its name and logo to The Water Channel, launching house ad takeovers, paid, social, earned and owned tactics.  These efforts were also supported with weekly editorial content aligned to climate and water impacts.  In addition, The Weather Channel held monthly conservation challenges where fans sign-up and track collective progress.  The Weather Channel’s ongoing project shows how small changes can have a global impact on clean water scarcity, and how together, we change the forecast for the better.  

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